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Thabo Senyolo & Partners
Thabo Senyolo & Partners
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About TSP
Thabo Senyolo & Partners
Thabo Senyolo & Partners
Executive Member - Thabo Senyolo
Thabo Senyolo & Partners
Walter Sisulu & Thabo Senyolo
Thabo Senyolo & Partners
Thabo Senyolo & renowned mathematician Dr TW Kambule
Senyolo and Associates cc trading as Thabo Senyolo and Partners TSP is a quantity surveying and project management company. As a pioneering first registered African initiated quantity surveying company in South Africa, the company faced formidable obstacles in Apartheid South Africa during its formative stages in 1986. It started by being part of Multidimensional Associates, a pioneering Black multi-disciplinary practice which included an architect, an engineer and an actuarial scientist
At the time it was felt it would be more feasible to link up and form a firm of associated built-environment professionals with the dictum, ‘unity is strength.’ Not unexpectedly, the racist underpinnings of the minority regime stifled the progress of the company. However, with the assistance of 'Bantustan leaders such as Enos Mabuza, we were able to weather the political storm. Notably, in 1987, Multidimensional Associates were the appointed consultants for the well-known iconic Mandela House in Orlando West, Soweto, Johannesburg

In 1989, however, TSP flapped its wings and left the nest to become a wholly independent quantity surveying company. The practice, which at one stage had offices in Johannesburg, Mpumalanga, Mafikeng and Port Elizabeth, rendered services in a wide variety of projects some of which were enormous joint-venture undertakings. Over the years the practice has built a reputation for professional excellence

TSP's Executive Member, Thabo Senyolo, is the first registered African (black) quantity surveyor in South Africa. He also made history by being the first African person in South Africa to graduate in Quantity Surveying at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg. He is also a co-founder of the South African Black Technical and Allied Consultants’ Organisation (SABTACO), and a member of  the South African affiliated built-environment committee which oversees the Professional Consultants’ Services Agreement  (PROCSA). He is also on the panel of acessors for professional quantity surveying registrations. The practice has spread its tentacles to incorporate construction project management services. Making the best use of its strategic management skills and information network, the company assists clients in the decision-making processes for construction projects
Senyolo and Associates
trading as
Thabo Senyolo and Partners
Established: 1986 - The First African (Black) Quantity Surveying Practice in South Africa
Executive Member: Thabo Senyolo
Services: Quantity Surveying | Project Management
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